Gaia in Harmony

Our mission in Gaia Gloaming is "not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." - Maya Angelou

Living sustainably where all lives are celebrated with maximum autonomy and choice. Gaia Gloaming is a call to live more quality lives together with nature.


Our water comes directly from a spring or aquifer well. We work to maintain our organic family bioponics farm using permaculture methods supporting 80% of our food needs - the other 20% we get from others who specialize in more time consuming foods such as avocado oil or from regions that grow it better such as coffee - or do without. We create our clothes mostly from hemp. Vaccinations are not taken due to the toxic ingredients added to them. Hospitals are avoided by improving our health and having qualified people within our tribe.

Buying land with no to low property taxes to live on and share with others or finding others who have it and are willing to share gives us the independence we seek. Building and living in natural homes such as in-ground cob homes while using solar, wind, and hydro energies eliminate the need to slave a lifetime over a mortgage and non-renewable energy. Assistance can be provided by others through gifting and we also give when we have abundance. Stealing is no longer necessary.

We are raised with love through gentle parenting while being taught to think out-of-the-box for ourselves by our parents and mentors when needed (unschooling). We may still be stolen from coercively through property taxation while under an authoritarian government but at least this is at the local level. When we have inter-personal issues that need to be resolved, we are likely to use a sociocracy method within a village to deal with them or another method that is agreed upon unanimously or agree that they will remain unresolved. Amongst eco-villages, a voluntary decentralized delegative direct democracy (V4d) might be used to organize around larger shared needs such as defense compacts. In the end, coercion is not supported. Everything is voluntary.

We spend more of our lives in spiritual work developing a deeper connection to the universe around us and loving each other growing our relationships. Some activities that help us meet others of similar interests are transformational festivals, transcendental meditation, kundalini yoga, and connecting through music like drum circles but we do not shy away from the world at large and engage in it often to share the ideals of another way.

The internet is still used as before to keep us connected over long distances although we try to stick to decentralized encrypted technologies to maintain our privacy and control such as WiFi Direct. We avoid all currencies in and amongst our eco-villages preferring to gifting, but realize it might be necessary if purchasing land, paying property taxes, and when gifting doesn't come through, especially when first starting out. In those cases, we prefer decentralized cryptocurrencies.

We still venture the world to discover new people and places and some of us spend time in cities visiting or working when desired although we always know we have a natural sustainable home with loved ones nearby.